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Do We Need Training Before We Can Firewalk?

Yes. 100% you will need training before you can firewalk, and also you will need to sign a waiver too.

Sometimes this training can be quite short, other times it can be a day long, or even part of a much longer training. The longest one we do it called Talent Campus and it’s ten days long, with the firewalk taking place on day four.

My personal preference is for half a day’s training (going into the evening), which works very well for small, tight knit groups with a single focus. For broader charity style events, the ninety minutes between lighting the fire and walking the fire is a perfect length for the training.

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We tend to build every training specifically for each event or organisation. For instance, our annual Shine PND training is for a group of women PND survivors who are bound by their shared experience and by their desire to raise funds for their organisation. This means we can build a bespoke seminar that is focused on their challenges, needs and also their shared outcome. This makes the training more intense than what we might do in other circumstances, and is also includes a circle of sharing.

In this kind of seminar we tend to lean more toward life skills training, so the results and feedback tend to reflect that. It’s certainly not for every organisation as it can be very emotionally intense. I am more than happy to discuss this with you though if you want this kind of event.

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The more common training is the ninety minute one, where we light the fire as a group, do some lifeskills work, then do the specific firewalk training (which includes walking in the room and following instruction – see pic above), then going out to walk. This is often tilted to work environments or our more corporate events, although even these tend to be more about personal breakthroughs than that of the business. Of course, any smart business owner knows that elevating their team is the way to get improved results.

These shorter trainings are often very energetic and upbeat with lots of nervous laughter. It’s also a time when some delegates will ask lots of questions about the firewalk, and we always manage to address their fears.

We also do a surprising number of birthday firewalk events too (see video above). It seems people hitting 50 want to celebrate in style with the people they love the most. And a firewalk is perfect for this, and we can build all manner of special surprises into the event too.

To run any of our trainings, we will need a room where we can set up our kit, and a room that is close to where the fire has been built so that we can get to and from that space quickly. Often, village halls offer great value and additional resources such as parking, close by water supply and lawns for the walk just outside.

Delegates should also be advised to bring flip flops or crocs as the barefoot walk to and from the fire and seminar room is often way more painful than the actual firewalk!

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After the firewalk we often regroup for five minutes, to discuss what just happened for the group, and to recommit to any goals or challenges they want to address using the Firewalk as a kind of catalyst.

On the whole, people love and remember the firewalk in the shorter training. And they love and remember the seminar more, in the longer training. This is because the longer training can go much deeper. We do not charge extra for longer trainings as we are committed to the outcome for your walkers.

Either way, it’s an unforgettable and extraordinary experience for ever participant.

Give us a call and let’s see if we can cook up some magic for your firewalkers!

Chris Jones

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