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Key Insights From Investment Firm Tenzing On Their Firewalk Experience

I asked Gareth Healy from Tenzing about his and his teams insights from taking part in our Firewalk Experience and here is what he and the team came back with…

I’ve wanted to take my team firewalking after trying it many years ago as I knew they would love it. We ended up at Ealing Studios with a big up-for-it crowd as all our new Sherpas joined in too. 

Everyone did the walk, and some as many as three times. It was a great team bonding experience and we all felt like we really pushed ourselves.

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No, neither would we….

Or, at least that’s what we thought before we descended upon Ealing Studios last Wednesday for our monthly team social at The Firewalk Experience.

In a world where growth and resilience are paramount, firewalking was an eye-opener.


Here are the key lessons we learned:

1️⃣ Overcoming Fear: We discovered that the only thing holding us back from achieving the seemingly impossible was our fear. By walking on fire, we shattered the limits we had placed on ourselves.

2️⃣ Team Unity: The firewalk experience strengthened our bond as a team. We cheered each other on, provided support, and celebrated every step across the hot coals. Together, we achieved the extraordinary.

3️⃣ Mind Over Matter: This adventure reaffirmed the power of mindset. With determination and focus, we conquered our doubts and proved that we’re capable of achieving remarkable feats.

4️⃣ Resilience: Firewalking isn’t just about walking on hot coals; it’s about resilience. We learned to embrace discomfort, adapt to change, and emerge stronger on the other side.

Interested to learn more about the impact firewalking had on our team’s growth and development? Check out the full article from Karen Falcon in the comments below. We hope it inspires you to embrace new challenges!

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