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If you are here, it’s likely that you are considering a firewalk for yourself or maybe your group?

AMAZING! I began my journey like this too, searching for a firewalk experience so that I could bring it to a group of young volunteers. To challenge them to be their best. And it worked. So well in fact, that I myself then trained with the world leaders in firewalking to become a firewalk instructor myself.

That was a decade ago and I have since led thousands safely across the fires, taking them through their own journey through fear, courage and ultimately, exaltation and victory. It’s a remarkable transformation.

We don’t just do firewalking. We make FIRE WARRIORS!

The Firewalk Experience will deliver a profound impact on you and your group. It will help you elevate your own life and the lives of those around you.

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For organisers, teams, chartities and events. Whether it’s team buiilding, corporate or fundraising for your cause. Read on and connect with us, so we can create something extraordinary to meet your needs.

Want To Join An Existing Firewalk Event?

For individuals or small teams who want to join one of our organised Firewalk Experience days in the Cotswolds (Saturdays with Sunday morning debrief). We run several of these one off days each year.

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Our Next Personal Firewalk Experience

When: Saturday November 18th, 2023
Where: Miserden Village Hall, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 7JA.
How Much: £199

Our Commitment

So here’s the thing. We LOVE what we do.

Through the Firewalk Experience, we get the privilege of being present when people breakthrough their own barriers. To be the catalyst for when they finally and fully unleash is humbling. Everyone present can sense the electricity in the room when it happens. It’s like magic. 

Our Firewalk Experience takes place over an afternoon and evening, into the night (as a firewalk is best experienced at dusk). It’s a fully immersive experience with video and sound, and yes, visitors are welcome to come and watch the firewalk.

We also work closely with you and your organisation to tailor the experience to your group. We even help with social media, crowdfunding and outreach to better ensure you meet the target you have set for your fundraising. Typically, a group of 20 to 30 people firewalking will raise between £5k and £10k for their cause, if they engage with our social media outreach template.

Read more detailed stories HERE and testimonials HERE.

Safety is our number one priority. We carry insurance up to £10m, and we have yet to have a single incident in any of our events.

Our Cotswolds venue in the picturesque village of Miserden is the perfect retreat for a firewalk, with ample parking and nearby lodgings should you wish to stay for a longer break.

So I dare you. Join us. Unleash YOUR warrior. Raise money for your cause. You will never forget our Firewalk Experience. Promise.

OK. Take action now and give us a call or send us an email. We won’t give you a heavy sales pitch, we will help you make the right choice for you, your group and your cause.

Email us HERE to set up a call, or live chat with us with the widget below. Good luck with your event!

While we run Firewalks throughout the UK, we host most of our Firewalk events at Miserden Village Hall, a beautiful village in the heart of the Cotswolds. You can combine a short getaway and explore this area of outstanding natural beauty as well as visit a few country pubs! Stay a little longer?

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My charity, SEED, was looking to put on a sponsored firewalk for our annual fundraising campaign. Having spoken to a number of potential providers, I was convinced to go with Chris and the Firewalking Experience due to Chris’ obvious experience, professionalism and passion for the firewalk.

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Walking Fire For SEED… Making A Promo Video

Making a promo video for your firewalk BEFORE you do the firewalk is unusual, but it’s exactly what SEED did. A few weeks back we gathered in a north London back garden to run a firewalk specifically for filming, to make a video to promote the main event which is happening tomorrow.

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Do We Need Training Before We Can Firewalk?

Yes. 100% you will need training before you can firewalk, and also you will need to sign a waiver too. My personal preference is for half a day’s training (going into the evening), which works very well for small, tight knit groups with a single focus. For broader charity style events, the ninety minutes between lighting the fire and walking the fire is a perfect length for the training.

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