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Firewalking FAQ

For obvious reasons, alcohol 24 hours before and during the Firewalk is prohibited.

Q – What is Firewalking?
Firewalking is an ancient tradition and a rite of passage in many cultures. Millions of people have done it safely, from all around the world. To be abundantly clear, the Firewalk experience is walking across burning embers bare foot.

Q – Is Firewalking safe?
Yes, though there is always an inherent element of risk in any activity of this kind. You will receive clear instruction on your walk, we have a world class support team including first aider. We have never had any incidents during any of our firewalks. We are fully insured and make sure everyone is safe, though walkers MAY get a firekiss. More HERE.

Q – Can anyone Firewalk?
Firewalkers should be over 18. Younger people who can demonstrate maturity can also walk but please do talk to us in advance about this. In general anyone can firewalk. We have in the past had the privilege of taking people with physical challenges across the fires. If you have any concerns, talk to us.

Q – What are the benefits of Firewalking?
While firewalking is an ancient tradition, in the modern age it is a tool we use to train the body and mind to overcome obstacles in life. You can read more about it HERE.

Q – Is a Firewalk painful?
There may be a sensation in your feet afterward. It’s not painful though. It goes quickly.

Q – Is Firewalking a mind trick or hypnosis?
Firewalking is all about intention and courage. This is why it is such a powerful tool to help us in the rest of our lives. There’s no hypnosis or trick. You do it. You do it all.

Q – Do I need to do anything in advance of a Firewalk?
You don’t need to prepare, that is what the training is for beforehand. However organisers do need to do some work with us. You can see a brief checklist HERE.

Q – What type of clothing should I wear for a Firewalk?
Your feet will need to be bare and we recommend avoiding long and flowy skirts. If you have sportswear, that may be a good choice for you. If it’s cold you will also need a warm jacket. Flip flops or crocs will be welcome after the walk. You may want to bring wet wipes or a towel to clean your feet afterward.

Q – What time will the Firewalk happen?
We usually walk around 30 minutes after sunset. It works best at dusk or at nightime to capture the atmosphere. More HERE.

Q – Do you have Firewalk insurance?
Yes we carry specific event insurance.

Q – I have physical challenges, can I still Firewalk?
In general yes, though if you have a concern, talk to us. You can read about one past inspirational delegate, Lucinda Mitchell, who needed assistance on the walk HERE.

Q – What if I change my mind on the night, do I have to Firewalk?
We are explicit and firm that no-one is obliged to walk and there is zero pressure. You choose and can step away at any point.

Q – Can we take photos during the Firewalk?
Yes, though we recommend using a professional photographer and videographer to capture the magic of the event. We can help you find the right people for this. You can see some of our past photos and videos HERE.

Q – Are spectators allowed to come and watch me Firewalk?
Yes, that’s no problem, though it will be at dusk, so it could be late if it’s in the summertime. We can arrange for refreshments for visitors.

Q – Do you also do glasswalking?
Yes we almost always run a glasswalk inside the firewalk experience though we don’t shout about this as we want people to discover it within their experience. We do offer other experiences too, though again we keep these under wraps but we are happy to discuss them and plan them with you as the organiser. We find people enjoy the thrill and surprise of extra challenges.

Q – How much money can a Firewalk Experience raise for a charity or cause?
Most of our events raise between £5,000 and £10,000 with a group of around 30 people walking.

Q – We would like to fundraise for a charity or cause. Can you help us create our fundraising strategies?
Yes, your success only brings greater success for us, so we help you before, during and after the Firewalk. We have experience in many successful fundraising campaigns and can offer clear steps and advice so that you can hit your target.

Q – I’m not fundraising for a charity or cause, I would just like to Firewalk, is that possible?
Yes, we run Firewalks for groups wanting to fundraise for a charity or cause and also run Firewalks where any individual can attend and Firewalk, without having to fundraise. Check out our Firewalk Events page for more information and how to book HERE.