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You do have firewalk insurance right?

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You do have firewalk insurance right?

Yes. Yes we do.

And everyone involved, be it our firewalk instructors or firewalk tending team, is a certified professional. We take everyone’s safety extremely seriously. We always have a qualified first aider on site too. And we also produce a detailed risk assessment ahead of the event too. 

So insurance. We are covered for up to £5million.

And while you might expect it to be a complex issue to arrange this kind of insurance, it’s pretty straight forward. The insurers also supply insurance for sporting activities so they are very used to what may sound extreme activities to some, but in reality, are relatively safe. By contrast to many sports (never mind extreme sports), Firewalking is considered extremely safe. So long as it is run by qualified and experienced professionals.

Yes it’s likely you may get a fire kiss, a tiny blister and a fabulous (if temporary) reminder of the event, it’s usually diminished within a few hours and gone the day after. We supply Aloe Vera on the night so soothe dry skin and tiny fire kisses. That said, directly after the Firewalk you will likely be proudly showing your fire kiss to amazed friends and relatives.

So yes.

✔️Risk assessment
✔️First aider
✔️Trained and qualified professionals

Here’s the certificate for our firewalk leader Chris Jones.

Certificate of completion awarded to chris jones for successfully completing professional firewalking instructor training on august 21st, 2016.

See you on the Firewalk!

Chris Jones
The Firewalk Experience

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