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What Is Firewalking?

Firewalking is an ancient tradition and a rite of passage in many cultures. Millions of people have done it safely, from all around the world. To be abundantly clear, the firewalk experience is walking across burning embers bare foot. It’s VERY real.

What We Do

My name is Chris Jones and I am a certified Firewalk Instructor. I have led hundreds safely across the coals over the last decade.

What I do in this modern age is to build on these ancient traditions. The training and experience is all designed to unleash your most powerful self.

Nonetheless, when you step up to the firewalk for the first time, the intense heat will cause a massive reaction.

Again, that’s why we train everyone ahead of the walk, so that you can be ready to act decisively, with courage and total conviction. And where else in your life would action that is decisive, courageous and done with conviction cause new results?  

There can be a deep and profound spiritual experience around a firewalk. But for me as a person who sometimes wakes feeling like I am about to go through ten rounds with Rocky Balboa, firewalking is a tool and a metaphor to help me ‘bring my most fearless self to the fore’.

This is the lesson and metaphor of the firewalk.

To be decisive and courageous.

To train that ‘muscle’. So that when you need it in day-to-day life, you can trigger it. And then in that moment you will become the person everyone else looks too when the world goes to hell in an instant.

A group of people standing around a fire at night.

This is what our training and firewalk does. We tease this ‘courageous self’ out of every walker. We also train everyone with simple tools so that they can manifest that same version when needed in their own lives.

This is why the firewalk can create extraordinary results.

After the Firewalk Experience, so many of us switch out of the ‘cruise control’ we have been in for so long, take back control, and begin to build a new future, one that we REALLY want.

A shovel is being used to dig up some coal.

And some details…

So some specifics… When we walk fire, it’s usually a fifteen foot walk (four meters), the embers burning hot enough to melt lead or fry an egg. It’s usually at dusk as that’s the most dramatic time, and your friends and family are invited to watch and cheer you on. The group is often around 30 people though it can be bigger or smaller.

We usually build in Glasswalking too, and have a number of additional activities that we can offer. We have found that most people attending a Firewalk enjoy a new and surprising challenge that is offered without warning. We go to great lengths to ensure that there is zero pressure to participate, but we find once people are in the ‘zone’, they respond courageously. It also serves to illustrate the importance of peer groups, their elevated standards and how mood is infectious. Again, all lessons to take forward into their day to day lives.

We can discuss these additional experiences with you as an organiser.

A person standing on a pile of brocken glass bottles.

About Chris

While the firewalk is not about me, it’s ALL about you, you will want to know that you are in safe hands.

So, a little about me. I am a certified and trained firewalk instructor whose support team is world class. You can be assured that while you will experience fear, exhilaration and trepidation, you will also unlock your unstoppable self. And in a professional environment.

When I am not firewalking I am usually creating and making stuff. I am currently directing second unit on Mission: Impossible 8, but in my past I have made films, got close to winning an Oscar, made it into the Guinness Book of Records, have written a series of best sellers and founded the biggest screenwriting event in the world. You can drill down into all that on LinkedIn here if you are interested.

A group of people posing in front of a fire.

It’s About You, And Your Cause

What do you want from your life? What has disappeared and you want back? What needs addressing? What may even need a major correction?

Come walk fire with us and re-ignite the warrior within. Because SHE is unstoppable.

  • If you want some personal stories of people who walked fire with us, you can read some HERE.
  • And testimonials are HERE too.

Both links have videos that capture the spirit and energy of the firewalk.

If you want to raise money for a cause, on average, a group of 30 can raise upwards of £5,000 quite easily. Our record is £12,500 from a group of 24 warrior mums.

We will help you achieve your goal with our fundraising expertise.  So far, every single walk for a cause that we have run has left the organisers with many thousands of pounds to spend where it matters most for them.

Give us a call or drop us an email and let’s begin the journey to your 🔥Firewalk Experience🔥.