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Will my feet get burned or will I get blisters from a firewalk?


It’s very possible you may get a tiny blister, something we call a firekiss.

But this rabbit hole goes way deeper. Read on…

So let’s deal with the basics first.

Yes, you could get a firekiss. And if you walk fire more than once at our event, and we will encourage that, the chances will increase. We often make the firewalk longer with each round, increasing the odds of a firekiss. Also, putting embers on top of embers will of course make the firewalk hotter too. So yes, each time you walk, it will likely get longer and hotter and odds of a firekiss increase.

However, almost always, while you may leave an event with tingling feet, the following day your feet will be feel fine. It’s extremely rare for anyone to get a blister bigger than a few millimetres, and we have never seen anything bigger than say a 5p coin. And that is truly exceptional.

We also bring aloe vera for your feet after the walk, to help hydrate and recover faster.

All that said, once you have walked, you will be a firewalker. What may have been called pain before, is now simply a sensation to be enjoyed. One of the lessons of the firewalk is around how we can tolerate, embrace or even enjoy discomfort when we are energetically elevated and challenged.

A woman smiles broadly as she jumps over a small fire at night, surrounded by onlookers in a dimly lit setting.

They are called firekisses because the fire has reminded us all of our true strength.

Walkers often show off their firekisses to astonished family members who cannot fathom why they walked six times over a ten meter firewalk. And this just happened!  

Here’s some comments from a Facebook group for the SHINE PND women who just walked with us…

‘I’m pumped but that was a very painful 45 mins drive home 🤣😬

‘Ok, now my feet are sore 😆 nice few blisters to remind me how powerful I am haha!’

‘That felt like a long drive home! Put it this way…that fire must have loved my feet, cause I have kisses all over my soles! 😂 Thank you ladies for being with me for this challenge, you are all amazing warriors that deserve the world! ❤️

Close-up of a person's bare foot with visible wrinkles and a patterned fabric around the leg.And then the day after…

‘My left foot is a little sore due to a big blister on the bottom but the right one has a little red mark that if I look at it in the right way looks like a heart and that was lovely for me to see this morning 💖

‘My feet aren’t stinging either which is a big surprise cos the drive home hurt 🤣

‘I could feel them last night, but unbelievably, absolutely fine today! 🤩

‘Mine also fine, a teeny bit tender but surprisingly don’t sting anymore!?! Massive surprise. Thought I’d be hobbling around with huge blisters 🤣

‘Isn’t it weird!!!! I really thought I had burnt them!!!!

So yes. You may get some firekisses to remind you of your courage, you can show them off, then the following day they will be gone. It’s kinda like magic. Just like the whole firewalk experience.

Chris Jones

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