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What is the best time of day to run a firewalk?

A group of people standing around a fire at night.

What is the best time of day to run a firewalk?

Without any doubt, after sunset, as it is going dark, brings atmosphere, a palpable shift in tone for the walkers, and those deep red glowing embers that sears even profound feelings into the heart and souls of both spectators and firewalkers.

It’s ALL about drama baby!

As a general rule, I would suggest lighting the fire about 30 minutes before sunset (you can get a free app on your phone that will tell you when sunset happens) and then to plan to walk about 90 minutes later, after the fire has burned down to embers that glow deep red, and it has gone dark.

A man holding a torch in front of a fire.

Those glowing embers look so amazing in the night, where in daylight, they just look like grey ash.

In the summer months, this can mean later firewalks, sometimes as late as 10pm.

In the winter, you can walk much earlier, sometimes as early as 6pm. But it’s often cold and wet in winter, and on balance, a spring, summer or early autumn firewalk gives a better all round experience.

You can also wrap a BBQ and drinks style fete around your walk too, we have an article about that HERE.

The nightime walk also means MUCH better photos, so long as your photographer is prepped. After all, they are taking photos of people moving quickly, in the near dark and under emotional pressure. If all you have is a phone to take pictures, you may better served shooting video as it seems to handle that better. There is an article about taking photos HERE.

What about rain, wind or other weather conditions? Aside from very strong wind or near tropical downpours, weather is not usually an event stopping issue. And in the UK we don’t often have that kind of extreme weather.

Check out your venue too, for things like floodlights, and make sure you can ask for them to be switched off if needed.

Good luck and I hope to see you on the firewalk!

Chris Jones

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