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Feedback from the Shine 2024 Firewalk

We just ran out annual Firewalk for SHINE, a charity that supports PND survivors. And this one was off the charts. The energy released could power a city for a decade! They have passed £12k raised and are headed for £15k! Photos from the event will follow soon, but here are some of the words some of the mums shared with us…

‘There are no words to express how I feel. I am unbreakable and it’s been such a powerful transformation. Today I found my inner warrior and I know that she will never leave me, she will always be there when I need her.’
Kirstie Bedford // Brave Mama Bear and Unbreakable Phoenix

‘I now have the belief, the UNSHAKEABLE belief, that I am so powerful, and that came from inside me! I have been reborn tonight as an unstoppable force!’
Jenny // aka Unbreakable and Absolutely Enough

‘I loved that it was so empowering, centered on womens energy and emotionally unapologetic. It was eye opening and so wonderful to share. It was the most incredible experience, so empowering, so special, a gift I so needed.’
Jess Dearing / Full time mum
1,000,000,000,000 stars

‘I feel seen, I feel loved and I don’t fell alone anymore. I loved sharing the stories and how I felt validated.’
Siobhan // Mum of two, Nail technician and Warrior Phoenix

‘I loved the mix of music, activities and the energy.’
Jess McFarling // aka Jess The Freebird

‘I loved the entire experience, the motivation was amazing.’
Gemma Bram // aka Queen B

‘I loved sharing our stories and it was such an impressive day. I feel great and so much stronger about moving forward.’
Julie Glenn // Mother of Dragons`

‘Chris helped us all feel that we can do anything. The music was awesome, and I cannot believe that I walked on fire four times! It made me feel so brave, and I never feel brave.’
Hayley // Fierce Vixed and Brave, Loving Mum

‘It was so much more than I expected and I feel so much more powerful than I ever thought I could be. So inspirational! If you ever get a chance to do it, do it! It very may well change your life.’
Katie Ball // aka Unbreakable Warrior and mum of two beautiful babies

‘Amazing. A life changing experience. Thank you! I loved the empowerment and finding my inner self. There was so much power, kindness and love in the room.’
Hayley Ball // Full time mum, brave, courageous and a bad ass!

‘The firewalk has given me the confidence and clarity to move forward, and showed me that I am resilient, strong and entitled to be happy. I loved all the training and preparation that went into it’
Bex Makin // aka Confident Sparkling Warrior

‘So empowering and I feel I can do anything!’
Anna // aka Goddess Reborn

‘Despite serving in the military for 18 years, this was an experience of the utmost remarkability. I loved the energy, the excellent presentation and the unique experience.’
Clair Robinson-Kirk // aka The Lioness

‘Sharing our stories, hearing and being heard, helped me connect with everyone.’
Nicole // aka Nicole the Victorious and Survivor

‘It was such a positive, affirmational experience, allowing us to come together and share our life experiences.’
Alex Pocock // aka Alex The Unbreakable

‘I loved the sisterhood, being surrounded by such incredible women as we shared ourselves and our struggles. An incredible experience, defined by the incredible people I did it with.’
Bethany Little // aka I am Beth and that bitch!

‘Thought provoking, inspiring and fun!’
Lucy Jones // aka Lucy The Undefined, a Mum, NICU survivor and PTSD endurer

‘I feel empowered. I feel changed. I feel like love and light. I loved the shared experience.’
Hannah Garrett // Mum and Warrior

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