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Commonly Asked Questions About An Actual Firewalk Experience…

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First up we do have a detailed FAQ here, but her are some additional questions we are asked regularly.

Q – Do I need to attend the training beforehand?

A – Yes. You cannot walk without the training.

Q – What kind of wood is used for a firewalk?

A – Our wood is locally sourced and aged for two years before burning. Beech wood is good, though we also use Birch, Sycamore, and and Chestnut. Right now because of Ash dieback, this is the most common wood to use.

Q – How long does it take for the fire to burn down to embers?

A – We light the fire about 30 minutes before sunset, depending on cloud, so that when we walk its going dark but not totally night-time. It takes about 70 to 90 minutes to burn down to a pile of embers. Of course you can run one at any time in the day but the drama of going dark and glowing red embers is worth the effort.

Q – How hot does it actually get on the firewalk?

A – Hot enough to fry an egg, cook a steak and melt lead. Most embers are burning around 700 degrees Fahrenheit, or 400 degrees Celsius. We carry a digital laser thermometer to show firewalkers just how hot the embers got.

Q – Is there any special clothing to wear?

A – No, but it’s best to avoid flowy clothing. Long skirts should be tied up. We would recommend anything you might wear for sports, gardening or an physical work will be fine. In the winter, we would also suggest you bring some Crocks or flip flops as walking bard foot on very cold ground is actually worse than the firewalk!

Q – How long is the firewalk?

A – Ours are usually around 15 feet, sometimes longer.

Q – How many times can someone firewalk in one session?

A – We usually offer up to three or four walks. Around half of our walkers only walk the once. Technically you can walk as many times as you like, limited only by the embers still burning.  

Q – Are there flames? Do I walk in flames?

A – You won’t walk on flames no, but we do use flames to heighten the visual experience. They add to drama and make for much better photos.

Q – What if it rains?

A – Unless the weather is REALLY bad, we will still walk. Light rain and drizzle does not impact the fire though we all agree, it’s far from perfect. In our experience rain is uncommon even though that seems counter intuitive.

Q – Can I help at subsequent firewalks?

A – We do welcome helpers from past firewalks, to help in the room, to help tend the fire and even to help with technology, filming and photos if you are that way inclined. We don’t make any promises but we have found that some people really enjoy returning and being part of the experience again, and helping others on the process. Just let someone in the team know.

Chris Jones

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