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How Long Is A Firewalk?

The short answer is, kind of as long as you want. Let’s get into it.

Most firewalk companies deliver a single, and in my view, often too short a firewalk. Yes, it’s a couple of steps across hot embers, and yes you can tick ‘a firewalk’ off your bucket list, but it’s often not the unforgettable experience I like to deliver.

People gathered around a large bonfire at dusk, with sparks flying into the air against a twilight sky.

The first thing you will notice with us, is the size of the fire. It’s bigger than most, as we want a huge amount of embers available for our walkers.

We often begin with a three to four metre firewalk. Once everyone has walked, we invite people to walk for a second time. But we make it about a metre longer (if the venue allows this). And in doing so, as we reload the lane, we add more hot embers on top of already hot embers, making the firewalk even hotter.

No-one is obligated to walk of course, but most do. Multiple times. It becomes addictive.

A person jumping over a line of fire at night with spectators watching.

After the second round, we can extend the walk again, and we continue this until we have run out of embers. This may be as much as six walks and 10 metres. We just did this over the past weekend. As one brave firealking warrior mum put it, ‘Ah shittttt, we are bloody badass women!!! ’

So the bottom line is, we start at about four metres, and then we extend and extend and get hotter and hotter until we are out of embers.

A woman looks surprised as a man holds her arms by a bonfire at night, with onlookers in the background.

Does this increase the chance of Firekisses on your feet? For sure. But we find that once ‘in state’, our firewalkers want to keep walking again and again, the sensation in their feet reminding them of their unbreakable courage.  

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