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What’s the difference between walking on hot embers and and walking on hot coals?

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Walking On Hot Coals… The Myth

What’s the difference between walking on hot embers and walking on hot coals?

Well. In short, a trip to A&E! EEEEK!

Firewalks are traditionally made up of burned wood embers. And specific wood too, usually two year dried, softwood, and wood that is not sappy.

Safety first. Always.

Hot coals are an entirely different thing and it’s NEVER safe to walk on hot coals. EVER. Only wood based firewalks.

In truth, this is usually just incorrect language used by organisers who mean well but get their language wrong. People mean wood embers but then call it hot coals. But just be sure and alwasy ask if they do call it hot coals. And NEVER walk on hot coals.

All our firewalks are delivered by world class trainers and fireteams with hundreds of events experience behind them. And yes, we carry full insurance and deliver risk assessments every time. This is all part of delivering a world class event that your delegates will never forget. But always, safety first.  

Drop us a line about your event and lets see if we can help deliver something magical.   

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