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The Ever Growing Firewalk Video Library

Below are the Firewalk Experience videos we have made during our firewalks. We intent this to be an ever growing library and resource. You can read about the basics of shooting and making a great video HERE.

Raising money for the Helen Bamber Foundation and celebrating a 50th birthday in style. More HERE.

Six Meters Of Fiery Fear, and How Areté, My Inner Warrioress, Took Me Through The Flames… MORE HERE.  Raising £1,000 for the MSFA trust.

The second Shine Firewalk we ran. One walkers story HERE. 

The first Shine Firewalk we ran, an extraordinary account of the day HERE.

The Firewalk to raise £5,000 for Miserden School. Full account of the day HERE.

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A group of people sitting in a room watching tv.

How A Firewalk Experience Challenged Our Team And How We Rose To That Challenge

Every so often I get a ‘lived reminder’, an experience if you like, that reminds me that I may be the one standing in my own way. It challenges me to ask, ‘What could I free myself from? What am I stopping myself doing? What would be the benefit of looking at this challenge differently?’ The firewalk I undertook with my company, Tenzing, offered me that insight.

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Shine Firewalker walking over hot coals

My Journey To Overcome… by Laura Wyatt

Feeling the wall of heat from the flames burning in front of me was a reminder of what I set out to do. I would walk over these burning embers to help other mums searching in the dark for a hand to hold, to help them through their suffering.

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