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Feedback from our Summer Firewalk… ‘An incredible and unforgettable evening’

Last weekend we ran our Summer Firewalk and here’s some of the things our fire-warriors said about it… (watch the video above).

I would love to tell you we have 100% 5 star feedback, but we also got a few six out of five and ten out five star ratings 😃. And again, 100% of firewalkers would encourage and recomend the experience to friends and family.

And what a result too, having raised nearly £1k for the MSA Trust after Tom shared why he is taking a stand to get funding for them. I epxect it will continue to rise too.

‘I can’t thank you enough for the firewalk course.  It has changed me completely as a person. Things which I have put off for years I am now facing up to with excitement and determination instead of fear and dread. I hoped the course would help me with blockages as a writer, but the effects are rippling out through my whole life. Every time a challenge arises I just think to myself “You can do this, girl. You walked on fire! “ Several friends are considering your course even though they’re in Sussex like me, because they can see how much it’s changed me. I hadn’t clocked previously how my belief that I wasn’t good enough, had held me back in so many aspects of my life.  I’m so grateful to be free of it finally. Thank you so much for such an amazingly powerful day. This course should be on prescription!’ 
Jude Birdsall // Writer

‘I liked the professional presentation of the event and would definitely recommend it’
Andrew Sparrow // Lawyer

‘Put this on the top of your ‘must do’ list! I loved the overall ambience and getting into the zone, and being part of an energetic ‘up for it’ tribe of fearless firewalkers.’
Yvonne Wood // Dental Hygienist

‘I loved the way it was organised, the build up to the firewalk, the climax and the ENERGY! I feel so very empowered. The environment was very special, where emotion was welcomed as a positive experience, unlike much of the world which is more cynical.’
Frankie Jones // Adventurer and scientist

‘I feel epic inside and out, and the change I have been seeking for years now seems real and within immediate reach’
Huw Jordan Tatlock // Educator  

‘So yesterday I walked across 300 broken bottles and a firewalk hot enough to melt lead! The only man who could ever possibly inspire me to do this is the inimitable Chris Jones. Although I’ve done this with him a few times now, the training just keeps getting better and better. Ultimately regardless of whether you firewalk or not, you spend a day crushing limiting beliefs, aligning with your purpose and getting in touch with your inner warrior. I can’t recommend this firewalk experience enough and I wish all my friends could do it!’
Shukrananda Gant

‘An incredible and unforgettable evening. The company and euphoria was amazing!’.
Jon Hansler

‘I really made use of my fire warrior state on Wednesday! My son had an operation and when he was coming back around from general anaesthetic, I struggled to see him look so ill and in pain and I began to cry. I then remembered the firewalk training, closed my eyes, took some deep breaths and out came my warrior! Because of this I was able to hold myself together for my son. I have experienced an incredible change in so many areas in just a week and it’s all thanks to this firewalk experience! It really is a life changing experience and I would do it again and recommend to anyone struggling. One thing I left with was a deep sense of ‘self’ again and feeling stronger. ’
Katy Sarson

‘This has been the start of my journey to rebuilding my lost self. I met an incredible group of people with an incredible range of life stories and experiences. We faced our personal fears and beliefs that have been holding each of us back, and by nightfall we were all ready to walk fire! Exceptional!’
Hanna Wright

‘I had given up on my dreams, but the firewalk experience raised my energy and re-ignited me. My self belief is back, just like it was when I was a child! I can do anything!’
Navdip Sandhu // Writer

‘I would have never believed I would willingly complete six firewalks!’
David Jones // Company director and Engineer

‘I really enjoyed the guided meditations and use of music and video. I am used to short ‘let’s get pumped up’ trainings, but this felt deeper, more authentic and sustained’
Jeff Shrimpton // Entrepreneur and Coach

‘I really liked the environment, and that we all felt very comfortable, sharing in such a relaxed space, even though we were strangers. I have already let go of my barriers and will no longer fear failure.’
Bebe Read // Mum and ex-teacher (with long term illness)


‘I loved all the stories and meeting so many lovely people who help raise money for the charity I was supporting. Chris who ran it, is a master communicator and storyteller and he made the day a fantastic experience and one that I will never forget.’
Tom Wilson-Copp // Dad, son and brother

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