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The Firewalk Experience: Personal Ignition!

Re-engage the passion inside, rebuild enthusiasm and elevate your courage. Deeply. Profoundly. And forever.

You will leave with focus, determination and tools that you can use every day.

When: Saturday September 2nd, 2023 with optional bonus breakfast morning of Sunday September 3rd*
Where: Miserden Village Hall, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL6 7JA.
How Much: £199

Raising money for the MSA Trust.

(*join us for a free breakfast morning on the Sunday from 9am to 11am, where we can reflect and explore our breakthroughs with the group).
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‘A totally epic day! I never thought a firewalk would have such a profound effect on me. I’ve been totally floored by the whole experience and am still amazed that Wonder Woman really does exist inside me.  A huge thank you for all of your encouragement, wisdom and commitment which made the day so special! 
Laura Lord

If you are reading this, I am guessing you have decided you want to make a shift.

For some that may be your continued journey to excellence, and firewalking is one more rung on that ladder.

For most of us, it’s because we recognise that we want more from our lives.  

I began my firewalking journey when I felt stuck in life, merely treading luke warm and rather uninviting water. I knew there was more and I wanted it. That was 20 years ago now and since then, my life has transformed.

The Firewalk Experience is designed to re-ignite that spark of passion inside, rebuild enthusiasm and elevate courage.

Deeply. Profoundly. And forever.

For many of us, these feelings have been dramatically eroded over the last few years.

Together, we will face an uncertain world and rebuild YOUR certainty TOGETHER.

You will profoundly reconnect with, and elevate the best version of who you are. You will lean into what you are capable of (and we mean REALLY capable of). And you will learn how to avoid the inevitable future traps that can land us back into that dreaded luke warm water of mediocrity.

Simply put, you will leave as an UNSTOPPABLE version of yourself.

You choose the adventure. We unleash the best version of you.

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What will be the immediate results you will feel after the firewalk and training?

  • You will be able to manifest the most powerful version of yourself in an instant, to deal with challenges in life.
  • Your resting state will become more calm yet also assertive. That challenge over there? You got that covered.
  • Re-engage with your playful self, it never left.
  • Stop settling and start getting what you really want deep down.
  • Courage to act on all those things you have been avoiding. Some may be small, others big. Either way, you will deal with them and FAST, with compassion and conviction.
  • People will start to ask, what happened to you and can I have it too?

The event is small and intimate and you will make new friends.

There is also time to reflect and inquire, especially if you choose to attend our bonus breakfast meeting where we can review, discuss and build a better future for ourselves and those who matter the most to us.

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‘Absolutely amazing unforgettable experience. Couldn’t sing higher praises. The whole team were so fantastic and welcoming, made everybody feel safe and comfortable. Highly recommend.’
Holly George


1:00pm Arrival and Introductions
The training begins.

4:30pm Dinner break*
Staying onsite, we take a short break to eat some light dinner and stay hydrated.

5:00pm Training Continues
The training intensifies as we continue to build momentum and the warrior states required to effortlessly walk fire. Other exercises will take place in the room throughout the day, each designed to safely allow you to face fears and build your warrior state.

Fire Lighting 8:00pm
As a group we meet our fireteam and light the fire. The clock is ticking and 120 minutes later, we will step up to the 1,000 degree embers…

Firewalk: 9:30pm
Each of us will walk fire. Some may walk three or four times.

Debrief and celebration: 10:00pm to 11:00pm

Event closes 11:00pm

BONUS: Sunday Morning Reflections (optional)

If you are local or are staying locally, we have an extra bonus for you.

10am to 12noon, Sunday August 6th

Join us for breakfast as we design the coming adventure for each of us.
It’s an opportunity to regroup with the other firewalkers, reflect on the experience and build commitments for the coming days and weeks.

* There will be tea and coffee and water available through the day and evening.

* Please bring food for dinner, sandwiches and snacks, There is a fridge at the venue. We will have a short break late afternoon to eat, but you should not leave the venue. You should also bring snacks, fruit and drinks to consume as needed throughout the day and evening.

* Tea, coffee and croissants will be provided on Sunday morning, for our group debrief and goal setting for beyond the event. We will wrap up before lunch time after which you can continue the conversation in smaller groups over lunch, or head home.

A group of people standing around a campfire at night.

‘I knew the walk would be amazing but I did not expect it to be as fantastic as it was and have such a positive impact on each and every one of us. Just fabulous!’
Shona Mapes

About Your Trainer

While the firewalk is ALL about you, you will want to know that you are in safe hands.

So, a little about me.

I am a certified and trained firewalk instructor whose support team is worldclass. You can be assured that while you will experience fear, exhilaration and trepidation, you will also unlock your unstoppable self.

And in a professional environment.

When I am not firewalking I am usually creating and making stuff. I am currently directing second unit on Mission: Impossible 8, but in my past I have made films, got close to winning an Oscar, made it into the Guinness Book of Records, have written a series of best selling books and founded the biggest screenwriting conference in the world. You can drill down into all that on LinkedIn here if you are interested.

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