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Everything you ever wanted to ask about a Firewalk…

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I brought together a number of questions that I got asked about firewalking, both for charity and corporate events.

Is firewalking painful, does it hurt? Does it hurt to firewalk?

There is definitely a sensation in your feet after firewalking, like a tingling. You may get some very small ‘fire kisses that usually clear up within 24 hours. Part of the training we offer is around our relationship with very mild pain, and how in todays world we can often over-exaggerate that. 

This means we become averse to even mild pain, which can result in us withdrawing from experiences. The firewalk is a wonderful metaphor for this and you will experience revelations in your relationship with pain, both imagined and real. So there is sensation in your feet, yes. 

And I would certainly not call it pain. Heads up though, you will need a shower afterward as you will smell of smoke, and you will be amazed how dirty your feet can get!

What is the trick to firewalking?

In life we can experience fear. Sometimes it will cause us to hesitate or even stop. The firewalk reminds us to focus on what we want, then to move with commitment, certainty and conviction toward that end. So the trick to firewalking is to walk with intention, momentum and in total control. Where else in your life would that ‘way of being’ get you radically different results? Imagine tackling that challenge with total commitment, control and momentum.

Why are the Firewalkers feet not burned?

Well, there’s a ton of science on Wikipedia about thermodynamics that all appears to suggest the physics make it safe, including this line… ‘The square root of the product of thermal conductivity, density, and specific heat capacity is called thermal effusivity, and tells how much heat energy the body absorbs or releases in a certain amount of time per unit area when its surface is at a certain temperature.’ Well I am glad we got that cleared up. So the science says it’s safe IF done properly.

I don’t personally see any need for any spiritual or paranormal explanation for it being safe either, even though the whimsical part of me would love that. No, walk with intention and conviction and you will pass through the fires safely.

Is fire walking healthy?

For me it’s a very healthy pursuit as it focusses the mind and body and creates a pause to consider ones life. When firewalking we tend to hang around other people who want more from life, and that new peer group may well become a big part of your future.

What is the purpose of a firewalk?

For some it’s a spiritual exercise. For me, it’s an exercise in focus and raising my energy. All of these ways of seeing a firewalk help us let go of the humdrum day to day of life and will cause us all to consider more deeply the paths we have chosen.

What do you wear to a firewalk?

You walk barefoot of course, and it’s best to avoid flowy clothing. We recommend trousers or shorts or sportswear. You may want to bring flip flops to wear outside after you have walked as often the ground around the walk is more painful than the fire itself! Crazy, I know!

How do you Organise a firewalk?

You would need to work with a professional team. There is usually two parts to the team. The trainer, who will show you how to firewalk and be there when you do it. And the fire team who build the fire and tend the walk. It all runs on a tight schedule and the team will clean up after the event as there is usually some mess. They will also take care on ensuring that the ground is not damaged, as well as offer insurance and expert guidance. 

Some people offer short experiences, others longer. We find longer events are much more successful and we would work directly with you to ensure your fundraising goals are met. We have expertise in all areas of the process, from initial social media outreach, fundraising platforms, photography and filming, even local and national press outreach.

I hope these answers help you on your journey toward firewalking and if you want to know more, connect with us on our contact page HERE. We also have an extensive FAQ for more answers HERE.

Chris Jones

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