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The First Breath Of Fire… by Edward Munns-faleyev


We can now add Fire Breathing to the events we deliver. No not for firewalkers, but to keep spectators entertained while they watch the fire burn down as their loved ones get trained inside.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a Fire Breathing workshop with the Fire Frenzy Team at their HQ –  a custom warehouse specifically setup to train in all forms of fire manipulation.  As the day approached, I was nervous and excited in equal measure.

The small group of people attending all had different reasons – some are fire performers who want to add fire breathing to their repertoire, others are firebreathers already, but who want to understand how to perform in the safest way. Others just have a fascination with fire and wanted to do something cool!  My intention was to have another thing that I could do when around the ‘fire waiting’ for ‘firewalkers’ to emerge.

We jumped straight into the training –  a deep dive into the risks involved, and the best practices to perform in the safest way. Have no doubts though, fire breathing is a seriously dangerous practice. Undeterred by the risks of death or hospitalisation, we all went on the next stage to learn how to master this ancient art!

Tanya and Mark introduced us to the equipment we need, including the flammable chemicals, and satisfied with that, we went outside clutching our new dab rags, to learn the theory and to practice the breaths with water.  Thankfully it was a glorious hot sunny day, because there was a lot of water flying through the air, with lots of amusement and laughter as we all learned to perfect the technique.

And then we moved on to the First breathe. 

We all nervously and excitedly gathered in the corner of the warehouse as the first person stepped up, prepared themselves, and when ready let out an almighty fireball, we feel the heat on our faces, and the blast causes the air to be sucked into the room, the doors and shutters all rattle.

Before long it is my turn and I step up, prepare myself, and give the nod, I am ready.

Expect to see fire breathing at our next event as the crowd wait for the walkers to emerge, adding even more drama to the whole experience.

Edward Munns-faleyev
The Firewalk Experience

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