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Should you start a Facebook event page for your charity Firewalk?

As an organiser of a charity firewalk, getting information to people and helping them get involved in fundraising is a major challenge.

We live in an over-connected world and people tend to decline or ignore many incoming messages.

But you MUST be in touch with your firewalkers.

We have found three tools to be most effective.

First and most effective is of course email. With a group of 30 or so walkers, you can likely BCC message everyone, or better, use a bulk mailing tool. Many tools offer free accounts (like Mailchimp) for small groups like this, though learning a new tool can be overkill.

Second is a WhatsApp group chat. It’s very ‘instant’ but can get so noisy, people either silence it or leave the group.

Our favourite is a Facebook private group. It’s just the right mix of ‘present but not invasive’. You can add photos and video, and people can ask questions. It’s also GREAT for post event bonding, and the sharing of resources and photos.

Start one, invite all your walkers, invite me and our team, and we can help with questions and resources too.

Here are a few posts and comments from the Facebook group for the last Firewalk we ran, to give you a sense of the massive support that naturally evolves after the event…

I can’t explain what happened on Saturday night, but it was fucking amazing! I felt like an equal in the room with all you amazing ladies and I always feel like the shy, anxious, inferior one, that doesn’t deserve to be there.
We walked on glass.
We shared our courageous stories.
We listened in awe to each and everyone’s heartbreak.
We walked on fire!! 🔥 And not just once either!
Just incredible. Thank you so much to everyone for sharing your experiences, it was truly something special that we all felt ❤️
My feet were crying out for help on Sat night 😅 but today, the blisters have gone with just a few marks left on my feet. The power to heal is in us all.
Text image with enthusiastic message about walking on fire, expressing pride and admiration for a group of resilient, powerful women described as warrior women and reborn phoenixes.
I was so proud to conquer the fire with you all tonight.
The bravery shown in sharing, and owning, our journeys, the courage displayed as we stood before the hot embers: that is inside each and every one of you. No one walked that fire for you – YOU did it.
That strength might waver from time to time, it might be hard to find, one day you might wonder if you still have it…
But you DO. And you ALWAYS will.
Because today you all STRODE across those flames, heads held high with determination, and no one can ever take that from you 🔥

Drop us a line and let’s see if we can help you with your fundraising too.

Chris Jones

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