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Making A Lego Walk For Firewalk Events

Child playing with a variety of colorful lego bricks spilled from a cardboard box onto a carpeted floor.

I have been asked a few times about a Lego walk, and have finally decided to build one. 

While it’s not as visceral as a firewalk or glasswalk, it’s a safe, fun and still a challenging experience for people. It will mainly be used for events where kids are attending too, and want to participate without the threat of injury. Pain? Yes! Injury? No.

I bought 10kg of random lego pieces from a charity on eBay and after sorting out the big pieces, weird shaped pieces, and rubber wheels, I had bout 6k left. I am going to need more!

The whole family helped in the sorting and the boy now has four kilos of extra Lego bits. He’s delighted!

Two-part image: left shows a collection of colorful lego bricks in white fabric bags; right depicts the bags being laundered in a washing machine.

The bricks were then loaded into pillow cases and put into the washing machine to clean them. I also ended up buying a second 10k load from eBay, so that will be cleaned and added in the coming days.

Next was a trip to B&Q to ge the wood to build the frame to hold the Lego. I want this to be self managing, so that at charity events, organisers can run the Lego walk, not just me or one of my team. So it needs to be robust.

The frame took me an hour or so to cut and screw together, then a quick lick of varnish to give it some dirt resistance and it’s pretty much ready.

A wooden frame being constructed on a deck with tools and materials nearby.
Finally, we added some battery driven LED lights around the edge, some rubber slip pads below and it was ready to test run the walk. Jack obliged and confirmed, YES IT IS PAINFUL!
A child plays barefoot among a large assortment of colorful lego bricks scattered on the floor.

All a huge success, and now available for selected events.

Chris Jones

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