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How Hot Is A Firewalk? Is it really that HOT? Yes, you can cook bacon and eggs on it…

A frying pan with bacon and eggs on a fire.

Is it really that HOT? Yes, you can cook bacon and eggs on it… It’s around 400°c to 1,000°c determined by a number of factors.

It’s the question that is always asked.

How hot is it really? Most people don’t really get the numbers involved, after 100°c, that’s boiling water, the numbers become a bit abstract.

But if we MUST be scientific… The fire will burn between about 500°c to 1,000°c (the photo below is in farenheith). When raked out onto a lane, there will be darker patches but the embers tend to burn around 400°c, with hotspots way in excess of this.

The first walk entails embers being placed on cool and damp turf. So the cool dwan fast. The second walk has burning embers placed on top of buring embers, so the burn hotter and for longer. It follows that each time we reload the firelane, it will get that bit hotter. NICE!

Infrared thermometer displaying 1402 degrees Fahrenheit, pointed at a small fire in a grassy area.

I prefer more visceral descriptions.

It will melt lead.

It will cook a steak.

Or as we did just last week, it will cook eggs and bacon. Having never done this before, I was more than surprised at the speed at which it was cooked. Seconds. So yeah, WAY hotter than your average kitchen stove. Granted this is not an elegant, spiritual or even a scientific explanation. It’s quite silly and vulgar even. But it makes the point.

So why don’t we burn?

It’s part science: thermodynamics, momentum, speed and all that.

But mostly, it’s mindset. When you walk, your mind will inform your body not to react to the experience in a way you may have done before, and to embrace any unexpected sensations. And there will likely be some of those ‘unexpected sensations’. This is why we train intensely before we walk fire.

I do hope you will commit and join us for our next Firewalk (dates HERE) so that you can marvel at how you walked fire hot enough to cook bacon and eggs in seconds. 

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