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How My Firewalk Journey Began by Jessin Hood

I have always wanted to walk on fire.

When I was young I saw a picture in an encyclopaedia of a firewalker and it ignited an intrigue and passion within me.

As a wide-eyed child, I believed that joining a tribe was the only way I could ever experience the transformative power of this ancient ritual. Little did I know that destiny had a different course for me – my tribe was waiting for me within the radiant embrace of the firewalk family.

On my first Firewalk, a sponsored event for Shine, I found myself inspired by a particular individual – someone who once at the edge of those coals sparkled with an inexplicable energy. It was as if they had left fragments of their old self at the edge of the fire, ready to embrace a new existence. Through their breathtaking transformation, they became a beacon of inspiration, guiding me towards my own soul’s awakening.

Thank you warrior you know who you are.

My journey took an unforeseen turn. As if by firey intervention, the path toward becoming a firewalk instructor began to manifest before my very eyes. The blazing embers laid the groundwork for me to step into this remarkable role, helping others experience the profound, life-altering effects of firewalking.

To Chris, the catalyst of my spiritual evolution, I express huge thanks. Your unwavering commitment to guiding souls through the transformative fire has touched my life in ways I can’t put into words. You have set in motion a ripple effect of positive change that continues to resonate within my being. Thank you to the whole team.

As, a member of the firewalk family, I am filled with immense gratitude and a profound sense of purpose. The transformative power of firewalking has connected me to a tribe that transcends physical boundaries, embracing souls from all walks of life.

Big love and firey feet!

Anyone thinking of walking with Chris. Just do it!

Jessin Hood
Burn It All Away

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