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A man walks barefoot on a bed of hot coals with a crowd of people watching in the background.

Hot coal walkers raise more than £1.1 million for Seed

First Reported in Jewish News HERE.

It was such an AMAZING event with incredible energy and we were thrilled to provide the London Firewalk for SEED, full feedback HERE.

The UK’s leading charity organisation providing adult and family Jewish education has raised more than £1.1 million through a 36-hour match-funding campaign.

Seed’s Power of Belief fundraiser, which started on Sunday 19th May, saw 77 supporters across London and Manchester walk barefoot across four metres of 1500 degree hot coals.

Coalwalker Steven Taub from Borehamwood said: “What an unbelievable experience! This wasn’t my first time but walking on hot coals for Seed, alongside my daughter Ella was truly spectacular. Ella who at 11 was the youngest coal walker, did this as part of her Bat Mitzvah challenge. Now more than ever it is so important to teach our children to believe in themselves, their strength and their Jewish identity. Seed has shown me not only why but also how to do this. Ella and I are walking away from this event with our heads held high and feeling incredibly proud to be part of this community!”

Rabbi Malcolm Herman, chief executive officer of Seed said: “A huge thank you to the 4783 individual donations, 77 coal walkers and 228 ambassadors who canvassed tirelessly and helped us reach our goal at this year’s Match Fund campaign.

A group of people standing indoors holds a large ceremonial check. Some are wearing caps, and there are balloons in the background.

Image of a fundraising progress chart showing £1,220,829 raised out of a £1,250,000 bonus goal, which is 122% of the original £1,000,000 goal. A trophy icon is displayed at the top.“£1,189,145 raised is not only an incredible feat but a vital component in Seed’s overall budget of £2.3 million per annum. Our aim at Seed is to give families the power to believe in themselves and, above all, the power of belief in Am Yisrael. As coal walking is all about overcoming challenges, we felt this was particularly relevant given the world we currently live in.”

Donations are still welcome at

UPDATE: As of writing the funds raised hit £1.2m

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