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Why getting team T-Shirts printed is a good idea for your event

If the goal of your firewalk is to build fundraising momentum, getting everyone in a ‘team t-shirt’ is a great move. The team photos will look great, and every single image that makes it to social media will be branded with your artwork and message.

Walkers LOVE them too, it’s a really cool memento of the day, and many will ask for more than one. In my view, I think it is reasonable to build the cost of the t-shirt into the ticket price, or even offer them for purchase too.

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Illustration of a mythical figure with multicolored wings ascending from flames, depicted in a stylized, silhouette form.If you want a unique design, you can hire someone on (/ if you don’t have the skills within your group. You should be able to do this for £25 or so, so it’s not going to break the bank. Recently we ran one for Shine and someone in the group created this original artwork, which is pretty cool.

There’s a million online T-shirt printing companies and they vary in quality. We also run big events and order lots of printed shirts and we use Indigo clothing ( as the quality is great, and that is always an issue with online printers. We print onto ‘Gildan Heavy Tee’s’ as we want them to be durable and last years. I would phone them if you want to get a quote, rather than using online forms, as you can discuss your needs then. If you have a recommendation for another company, please do let me know.

As for sizes, you can ask walkers for their preference. In the summer it’s pretty obvious, but in the winter, be mindful that many will wear the t-shirt over their clothes as they will want to stay warm.

If you are raising money for a charity, the charity may also supply you with t-shirts too.

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Colours? Personally I would avoid white as it’s quite vanilla. Logos and art and the shirt itself will often utilise reds, oranges, whites and blacks. That’s a pretty much on-brand colour palette for a firewalk. And of course, a phoenix is a firm favourite for imagery.

Good luck with your designs, and let us know if you are doing one as we would love a t-shirt too, to remember the amazing experience.

Is a firewalk right for you?

Drop us an email and we can set up a call to see how we can help you and your cause.

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