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A child plays barefoot among a large assortment of colorful lego bricks scattered on the floor.

Why a Lego Firewalk?

Well of course, it’s not a Lego Firewalk, it’s just Legowalking, and there is  no fire involved.

So it’s a safe and family friendly alternative at firewalking and glasswalking and usually offere at our events for spectators. The best thing about it is that anyone can do and it becomes a focus for visitors here to cheer ther loved ones across the real firewalk.

Any parent knows, stepping on a rogue piece of Lego at three in the morning is agony on an epic scale. So yes, the Lego walk will manifest fear. It’s a REAL challenge!

  • It’s kiddie safe. No-one will get hurt on a Lego walk. Though it can be a bit painful.
  • It’s easy to run at an event where parents are firewalking and the kids want a similar activity.
  • It does not need highly trained staff to run it, a competent and sensible adult can do it.
  • Charities can charge a fee at an event to do it, even offer up certificates, to help raise money.

Our Lego walk is nearly 2m long, with several thousand bricks (around 15kg!), taking six or seven VERY tentative steps to traverse.