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Meet YOUR Firewalk Team

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Chris Jones // Firewalk Instructor

Chris has taken over 1,000 fire warriors over the embers since training to become an instructor over a decade ago. He is a successfulm filmmaker, author and founder of TEDx conferences and majory interational events. He is currently directing splinter unit on Mission: Impossble 8. Check out his LinkedIn for more.

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Lucia Landino // Event Coordination

Lucia has decades of experience co-ordinating large scale as well as smaller events. She will look after you. Promise.

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Edward Munns-Faleyev // Fire Master

Edward is a trained and certified professional fire master. He heads up the fire crew.

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Jess Gulliver // Fire Team

Jess is a certified firewalk instructor and will support Edward in the building and tending of the firewalk.

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Simon Cox // Video Production

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Mark Walker // Technical Manager

Mark is an NHS Manager by day and writer by night (and day). He lives in Gloucestershire with his family and probably more pets than is sensible. He works closely with the team to deliver an world class AV presentation.