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Shine Firewalk walking over hot coals and flames

Rise and SHINE Together! The Unforgettable Firewalk EVENT POSTPONED

UPDATE: We have postponed this event and it will take place in the Summer now.

Welcome back Firewalking Warrior Mums! Lauraine and I have been plotting a very special event, planned for Saturday, March the 4th at Miserden Village Hall.

Yes it’s a Firewalk again. But so much more.

We are inviting 25 of our past firewalkers to join us and take their experience to the next level.

After our first day that we spent together, we shared deeply and then unleashed our most powerful selves to walk fire. Yes, you know who I mean, I am talking to HER right now.

Did she just smile…? Uh oh… trouble lies ahead ;0)

OK, once more it’s time to let HER makes some decisions for you.

So this second firewalk in March. First up, it’s NOT just about us and Shine this time.

Do you have a friend, partner, relative, brother, sister… Someone who would really benefit from a Firewalk?

I want to invite you to walk fire with them.

To be there for them on their journey. To help facilitate THEIR unleashing and transformation. To witness, encourage and celebrate it.

I know the answer is ‘YES!’ But what does this mean? In practical terms?

On the day, we will arrive at the venue and we will do some training as a kind of SHINE graduate firewalking group. We will prep for 2023 as it may be a challenging year!

In this session we will take your experience deeper, and I will also share some new tools that you can use every day moving forward.

Then, once we are all in a fully unstoppable state, your guest will join you. They will no doubt be nervous, even worried. So we need to be our very best selves FOR THEM.

So to be clear, we will train as a SHINE group, we will setup the day as a group, and THEN and ONLY THEN, they will join us.

That will mean that there will be around 50 people in the room in total.

OK. Then…

YOU will go through the Firewalk training with your guest. As a pair. They will walk fire BEFORE you and YOU will be the receiver for them on their first firewalk (not me).

YOU will ask them to declare their Fire Warrior name. YOU will embrace them after they walk the fires.

YOUR courage and strength will lead them to unlock their own unstoppable self. And the magic in THEIR lives and YOUR lives will then show up once more.

I will be there 100% of the time, training, guiding and supporting. I have got your back. You will always be fully supported and confident in this adventure.


My aim is for YOU to experience creating magic for this very special person, to open up the possibility of a deeper conversation and change in their lives. You are taking a stand for yourself AND for them. This is what Warrior Mums do. YOU ROCK! 

Who could you invite?

I would love it to be someone who is important to you, so you can create a new space for them or for your relationship with them.

  • Someone you need to reconnect with and make ammends?
  • Someone who is experienceing challenges or blocks and would benefit from the experience?
  • Someone who you already have a deep relationship with, and you want to deepen that relationship?

Once we have done the walk, there may be a concluding session, I am still working it out.

I also propose that we don’t have an audience for this one, let’s keep it personal and private. Let’s focus on the intimate relationships that can be deepened or maybe even repaired during this firewalk.

So who is the person in your life that would get SOOOO much out of sharing a firewalk with you?

The greatest gift we can give, and also witness, is one that helps someone dear to us, overcome the obstacles in their way.



You know the answer.

Logistics. I will be in touch with everyone soon with specific timings, but expect a start for Shine mums after lunch, and your guests arriving around four p.m. 

We will not be inviting spectators this time, we want it to be about you and your guest.

*We don’t plan on running a crowdfund to finance this walk so we are asking everyone to pay £30 each. So the passes are £60 for you and your guest. You can work out who pays between you but we will obviously need names, numbers and emails at sign up.

If anyone cannot afford this, drop me an email and we will make sure we find a way to cover it for you. Money must not be a barrier to participation.

Chris and Lauraine

*And just because we don’t plan a crowdfunder does not mean we cannot run one.