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Walking Fire For SEED… Making A Promo Video

Promotional graphic for MatchFund Campaign 2024 on Sunday, 19 May, featuring the text: "Seed, Power of Belief... One Step at a Time" on a dotted background.

Making a promo video for your firewalk BEFORE you do the firewalk is unusual, but it’s exactly what SEED did. A few weeks back we gathered in a north London back garden to run a firewalk specifically for filming, to make a video to promote the main event which is happening tomorrow.

The Ever Growing Firewalk Video Library

A group of people standing around a bonfire.

All the videos from the Firewalks that we have run, in one place. Updated when new videos are added to the website. Raising money for the Helen Bamber Foundation and celebrating a 50th birthday in style.

Top Ten Ways To Make Money Running A Firewalk… Number 7 Will Surprise You

A group of people standing in front of a tent.

Many of us will choose to Firewalk to overcome the challenge while raising money for a cause that is close to our hearts. But there are many ways to the top of Mount Fundraising! 85% of the money you raise will come from a well run campaign. Target should be £3,000 minimum and we expect you to exceed £5,000. £10,000 is by no means out of reach. But here are the best ways to close that gap…

How To Make a World Class Video Of Your Firewalk Experience

A silhouette of a person holding a camera in front of a red background.

The bottom line is you need an expert. Yes you can shoot some pretty cool shots on your phone, and that will capture the atmosphere, but making the kind of videos we produce will need planning, care, professionals, post production and experience. Getting a video made properly is likely to cost at least £1,000, possibly more. So is it worth it? Well…