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Feedback From the Sarah Spender Firewalk, November 25th

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Feedback from the Firewarriors ‘I LOVED the firewalk. It was empowering, exciting and magical. It was good to hold a mirror up to myself and look at what I wanted to change/improve in my life. To be empowered to walk over the hot embers and to take that feeling back to my everyday life – […]

Firewalking Barefoot and The Surprising Breakthrough It Offers

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You know that moment when something catastrophic happens, like a minor car accident that could, and maybe even should, have been much worse? There’s a beat and you realise you are OK. Everyone is OK. Shock and joy flood in and we stumble around in both surprise and euphoria. That moment is a window in our lives. It’s an opportunity to confront our own personal procrastinations that limit us, hold us back and often cause us misery.

Key Insights From Investment Firm Tenzing On Their Firewalk Experience

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I asked Gareth Healy from Tenzing about his and his teams insights from taking part in our Firewalk Experience and here is what he and the team came back with… I’ve wanted to take my team firewalking after trying it many years ago as I knew they would love it. We ended up at Ealing Studios with a big up-for-it crowd as all our new Sherpas joined in too. Everyone did the walk, and some as many as three times. It was a great team bonding experience and we all felt like we really pushed ourselves.

How A Firewalk Experience Challenged Our Team And How We Rose To That Challenge

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Every so often I get a ‘lived reminder’, an experience if you like, that reminds me that I may be the one standing in my own way. It challenges me to ask, ‘What could I free myself from? What am I stopping myself doing? What would be the benefit of looking at this challenge differently?’ The firewalk I undertook with my company, Tenzing, offered me that insight.

Feedback from our Summer Firewalk… ‘An incredible and unforgettable evening’

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So yesterday I walked across 300 broken bottles and a firewalk hot enough to melt lead! The only man who could ever possibly inspire me to do this is the inimitable Chris Jones. Although I’ve done this with him a few times now, the training just keeps getting better and better. Ultimately regardless of whether you firewalk or not, you spend a day crushing limiting beliefs, aligning with your purpose and getting in touch with your inner warrior. I can’t recommend this firewalk experience enough and I wish all my friends could do it!

Taking Tenzing Across The Firewalk

A group of people standing in front of a fire.

Yesterday at Ealing Studios, we ran a Firewalk for Tenzing, a private equity firm based in central London. Pretty much the whole team showed up and we spent the early evening getting trained up to walk glass and fire. The energy was off the charts and it was a genuine thrill to take them all across the fires. Here’s some photos from the day…

Is it really that HOT? Yes, you can cook bacon and eggs on it…

A frying pan with bacon and eggs on a fire.

Is it really that HOT? Yes, you can cook bacon and eggs on it…

It’s the question that is always asked.

How hot is it really? Most people don’t really get the numbers involved, after 100°c, that’s boiling water, the numbers become a bit abstract.

I prefer more visceral descriptions.

It will melt lead.

It will cook a steak.

The First Breath Of Fire… by Edward Munns-faleyev

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We can now add Fire Breathing to the events we deliver. No not for firewalkers, but to keep spectators entertained while they watch the fire burn down as their loved ones get trained inside. I recently had the opportunity to attend a Fire Breathing workshop with the Fire Frenzy Team at their HQ –  a custom warehouse specifically setup to train in all forms of fire manipulation.  As the day approached, I was nervous and excited in equal measure.