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How Do I Get An Alcohol Licence For My Event (and other paperwork you may not know about)

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So you are running a Firewalk with us and have decided to expand the scope of the day. Many groups will run a fun event alongside a Firewalk with us, for friends and relatives who want to watch their loved ones walk the fires. Unless the venue you have chosen has a licence to sell alcohol, you MUST apply to the council in order to do this. If you don’t, you are breaking the law. Don’t panic, it’s not that hard, though it can sometimes be a bit of a rabbit hole filled with confusing contradictions. If there is a left brainer in your organisation, someone who loves forms, detail and process, this is a job for them!

Top Ten Ways To Make Money Running A Firewalk… Number 7 Will Surprise You

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Many of us will choose to Firewalk to overcome the challenge while raising money for a cause that is close to our hearts. But there are many ways to the top of Mount Fundraising! 85% of the money you raise will come from a well run campaign. Target should be £3,000 minimum and we expect you to exceed £5,000. £10,000 is by no means out of reach. But here are the best ways to close that gap…

How To Make a World Class Video Of Your Firewalk Experience

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The bottom line is you need an expert. Yes you can shoot some pretty cool shots on your phone, and that will capture the atmosphere, but making the kind of videos we produce will need planning, care, professionals, post production and experience. Getting a video made properly is likely to cost at least £1,000, possibly more. So is it worth it? Well…

How To Take Brilliant Photos On A Firewalk

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We ALWAYS recommend a professional photographer for your Firewalk Experience, and we have access to expert photographers with experience. However, if you do not have the budget OR you are working with someone who has never done a firewalk shoot (maybe there is a photographer in your local community who is happy to do it), here’s some tips to help you get the most from the experience.

How To Write A Press Release For Your Charity Firewalk Fundraiser

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Local press love local stories, like a school, business or charity running a firewalk and raising money. And it’s an easy opportunity for you to raise more awareness AND money for your cause. But to get the most from this, you will need a simple press release. A one page document that covers the what, where, when, who, why etc. It’s usually accompanied by a handful of photos too.

Getting Photos With Drama and Story For Promoting YOUR Charity Fundraising Firewalk

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The saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Yep. 100% true. And video even more so but more on that in another post. When getting coverage with traditional press (newspapers and local or industry specific websites etc) for you charity firewalk event, they will want at least TWO specific things. And local press can carry more weight than most people realise.

Everything you ever wanted to ask about a Firewalk…

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I brought together a number of questions that I got asked about firewalking, both for charity and corporate events.
Is firewalking painful, does it hurt? Does it hurt to firewalk?

There is definitely a sensation in your feet after firewalking, like a tingling. You may get some very small ‘fire kisses’ that usually clear up within 24 hours. Part of the training we offer is around our relationship with very mild pain, and how in todays world we can often over-exaggerate that.

Let’s raise £10k for Shine… A truly life changing charity

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“Shine saved me. There’s no other way to put it. During a time when I could see no happiness in life, cried every time I had to go out in public, cried every day because my new parental world overwhelmed me, and the valiant efforts of various professional councillors seemed to have no effect; Shine was the one thing that made me happy.”