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Do We Need Training Before We Can Firewalk?

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Yes. 100% you will need training before you can firewalk, and also you will need to sign a waiver too. My personal preference is for half a day’s training (going into the evening), which works very well for small, tight knit groups with a single focus. For broader charity style events, the ninety minutes between lighting the fire and walking the fire is a perfect length for the training.

Who is in your fire crew? What do they do?

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Our firewalks have two distinct teams. Firstly, the in-room team for the training. That’s usually the person leading the seminar plus one person running the tech behind the scenes. Second, outside there is a second team, preparing the ground, the fire and making sure everything remains safe. This is the fire crew, also know as firetenders.

Feedback from the Shine 2024 Firewalk

Group of people celebrating at night, jumping behind a line of fire, with raised arms and joyful expressions.

‘There are no words to express how I feel. I am unbreakable and it’s been such a powerful transformation. Today I found my inner warrior and I know that she will never leave me, she will always be there when I need her’
Kirstie Bedford // Brave Mama Bear and Unbreakable Phoenix

Do Firewalkers need to sign a waiver before walking?

We do ask everyone to sign a waiver, yes. More than anything, this is to get it absolutely clear in EVERYONE’S head exactly what they are doing. The event is of course run by experts and professionals, and it is fully insured up to £10m. Rather surprisingly, the insurance company considers firewalking to be safer than most sports, such as five a side football.

Can You Run A Firewalk On Any Surface? Car Park? Garden? Playing Field?

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As a general rule, yes. For most firewalks we protect the ground, fist with several heat retardant boards, then multiple layers of turf. This means we can run firewalks in most spaces, though we do need to carry out a site survey first (usually done via Google maps now, and in consultation with you, the organisers.) There are other simple factors to look out for too, such as low hanging trees and access to a water source.

What is the best time of day to run a firewalk?

Two people standing around a bonfire at night.

Without any doubt, after sunset, as it is going dark, brings atmosphere, a palpable shift in tone for the walkers, and those deep red glowing embers that sears even profound feelings into the heart and souls of both spectators and firewalkers. It’s ALL about drama baby!

Feedback From the Sarah Spender Firewalk, November 25th

A group of people standing in front of a fire with a check.

‘I have tapped into my inner goddess! I feel stronger, motivated and no longer want the things that don’t serve me in my life. I would do this again in a heartbeat as it’s one of the best things I have done to face my fears!’ Sherri Hough // Hairdresser, mum and therapist

Firewalking Barefoot and The Surprising Breakthrough It Offers

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You know that moment when something catastrophic happens, like a minor car accident that could, and maybe even should, have been much worse? There’s a beat and you realise you are OK. Everyone is OK. Shock and joy flood in and we stumble around in both surprise and euphoria. That moment is a window in our lives. It’s an opportunity to confront our own personal procrastinations that limit us, hold us back and often cause us misery.