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Everything you ever wanted to ask about a Firewalk…

A person's muddy feet standing on a wooden floor.

I brought together a number of questions that I got asked about firewalking, both for charity and corporate events.
Is firewalking painful, does it hurt? Does it hurt to firewalk?

There is definitely a sensation in your feet after firewalking, like a tingling. You may get some very small ‘fire kisses’ that usually clear up within 24 hours. Part of the training we offer is around our relationship with very mild pain, and how in todays world we can often over-exaggerate that.

My First Ever Firewalk… Face The Fear And Do It! By Chris Jones

A shovel is being used to dig up coal.

I was in a room of 30 people, stood in front of them with total commitment. In this moment each of them looked to me for guidance, courage and leadership.
They were about to walk fire for the first time. But you see, I had a secret. This was the first time I had ever run a firewalk. And there was no going back from this moment.

My Journey To Overcome… by Laura Wyatt

Shine Firewalker walking over hot coals

Feeling the wall of heat from the flames burning in front of me was a reminder of what I set out to do. I would walk over these burning embers to help other mums searching in the dark for a hand to hold, to help them through their suffering.

This Girl is on Fire by Emma Johnson

A group of people standing in front of a fire with a check.

There is a moment, just before you step onto hot coals, where the whole world seems to hold its breath. The guiding arm in front of you falls away, and there is nothing stopping you, the path ahead is clear. And although it’s just a small step forward, it feels like a vast black void of impossibility.

A personal journey to rediscovering ‘strength, grit and determination’ by Shona Mapes

A group of people standing around a bonfire at night.

That evening, lying in bed, I knew I needed to go to sleep but I just couldn’t switch off. I started to realise that I hadn’t felt this excitement about anything for a while either. Something was telling me I needed to go for it. I knew that this challenge was something I had to do. I turned over to my partner, Jeff, and said: “I think I want to do the fire walk.” I had no idea what his reaction would be.

Firewalk with me! How 30 writers walked across 750 degree hot coals

A woman wearing a black beanie.

Last Thursday I led a group of 30 brave screenwriters, barefoot, across 750 degree hot coals in aid of charity. The experience for everyone present was nothing short of transformational. The firewalk causes everyone, to face very real fear and to overcome it, to inform our bodies that everything will be fine, and finally to take action. Make no mistake, those embers would cook steak, and quickly. Every one of the firewalkers experienced greater heat than they expected, but also became very clear about their own personal relationships with fear.