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Hot coal walkers raise more than £1.1 million for Seed

A man walks barefoot on a bed of hot coals with a crowd of people watching in the background.

4783 individual donations, 77 coal walkers and 228 ambassadors support Jewish education charity. The UK’s leading charity organisation providing adult and family Jewish education has raised more than £1.1 million through a 36-hour match-funding campaign.

Walking Fire For SEED And Rasing Record Breaking Amounts!

A person walks barefoot over a path of burning coals with visible flames at night.

My charity, SEED, was looking to put on a sponsored firewalk for our annual fundraising campaign. Having spoken to a number of potential providers, I was convinced to go with Chris and the Firewalking Experience due to Chris’ obvious experience, professionalism and passion for the firewalk.

Walking Fire For SEED… Making A Promo Video

Promotional graphic for MatchFund Campaign 2024 on Sunday, 19 May, featuring the text: "Seed, Power of Belief... One Step at a Time" on a dotted background.

Making a promo video for your firewalk BEFORE you do the firewalk is unusual, but it’s exactly what SEED did. A few weeks back we gathered in a north London back garden to run a firewalk specifically for filming, to make a video to promote the main event which is happening tomorrow.

Do We Need Training Before We Can Firewalk?

A group of women sitting in a row, wearing matching white t-shirts with a colorful logo, smiling and enjoying a presentation in a community hall.

Yes. 100% you will need training before you can firewalk, and also you will need to sign a waiver too. My personal preference is for half a day’s training (going into the evening), which works very well for small, tight knit groups with a single focus. For broader charity style events, the ninety minutes between lighting the fire and walking the fire is a perfect length for the training.

Should you start a Facebook event page for your charity Firewalk?

As an organiser of a charity firewalk, getting information to people and helping them get involved in fundraising is a major challenge. We live in an over-connected world and people tend to decline or ignore many incoming messages. But you MUST be in touch with your firewalkers. We have found three tools to be most effective.

Feedback from the Shine 2024 Firewalk

Group of people celebrating at night, jumping behind a line of fire, with raised arms and joyful expressions.

‘There are no words to express how I feel. I am unbreakable and it’s been such a powerful transformation. Today I found my inner warrior and I know that she will never leave me, she will always be there when I need her’
Kirstie Bedford // Brave Mama Bear and Unbreakable Phoenix

Should you offer a ‘circle of sharing’ at a Firewalking event?

A group of seven adults sitting in a circle on chairs in a spacious room, engaging in a group discussion.

Not all firewalks are the same. Some are events similar to say, skydiving or bungee jumping. A thrilling experience to tick off the list. Raise money for a good cause. And often have a drink and a celebration later. Others are more introspective, personal and can be deeply emotional.

Why getting team T-Shirts printed is a good idea for your event

Woman wearing a black t-shirt with a colorful phoenix design.

If the goal of your firewalk is to build fundraising momentum, getting everyone in a ‘team t-shirt’ is a great move. The team photos will look great, and every single image that makes it to social media will be branded with your artwork and message. Walkers LOVE them too, it’s a really cool memento of the day…